Betamark Organises 2-Day Training For Entrepreneurs, SMEs On How To Make Yoghurt With Soy Powder

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Betamark Production Company Limited has organised two 2-day training for entrepreneurs, SMEs in food production on how to start Soy Yoghurt with Soya Powder in Nigeria.

The soy yoghurt has appealed to the tastes of diverse cultures as most milk packaging companies in Nigeria have adopted soy powder technologies.

With the increasing awareness of the nutritional value of soy powder, ease of preparation and availability of the raw materials, the market is assured. It is everyone’s delicacy who has tasted it, especially school children, workers, oil and young.

Betamark Production Company Limited has teamed up with Spectra Industries to equip willing candidates with a two 2-day intensive training programme on 20-21 January 2022 aimed at supporting small businesses to grow in the food production sector.

Interested candidates are to pay #25,000 to BETAMARK PRODUCTION COMPANY ACCOUNT NUMBER- 0027947080 STANBIC IBTC BANK and send details of payment to and for more details call 09033446662.

The training will hold at Plot 1, Suco Road, Oko-Oba, Agege, Lagos from Thursday 20 – Friday 21, January 2022.

Apart from the lucrative nature of this business, it is also rich in vitamins and helps to nourish the body. Invariably, you are nourishing the Nigerian society as you sell yoghurt to them.

The word “Yoghurt” is no longer a new term to many Nigerians as they have come to love ice cream because of its rich nutritional content and amazing soured milk taste, adding Soy Powder is another rich taste that any yoghurt lover cannot resist.

Yoghurts have become a choice for many Nigerians both kids and adults alike. It is not uncommon to see school children enjoy yoghurts with snacks like buns, chin-chin, sausage roll, eggroll, wheat, meat pie and other snacks.

This is not limited to children alone as adults do the same especially at workplaces and when they are travelling, thus making yoghurt marketing in Nigeria a very lucrative business venture to go into.

One of the ways to start soy yoghurt production in Nigeria is becoming interesting and is by not only limiting your business choice to yoghurts alone but also including other variants like soy powder.

The physical programme is a two 2-day training program that will provide business owners with supports to accelerate food production skills.

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