Brain Drain: Hon. Onwuaso bemoans loss of skilled manpower, proffers solution

Hon Onwuaso

By Amb Timothy Nwachukwu

Hon. Engr. Samuel Chinedu Onwuaso, the towering and vocal Honourable Member Representing Awka North and South Federal Constituency in the National Assembly shone brilliantly as a guest on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA ABUJA) program, The weekend file, where he spoke on the perennial issues of brain drain which has seen Nigeria loosing most of it’s best brains to other countries.

Hon. Onwuaso described Brain Drain as the migration of highly skilled experts from their country of origin to a new host country due to a variety of push and pull factors. The push factors are the aspects in a country that forces skilled workers to migrate to other countries and the pull factors are the aspects in a country that makes someone want to move there.

He opined that brain drain deprives Nigeria of valuable personnel that end up contributing to the economies of the developed nations of their host countries who in turn have been accused of poaching the best and brightest highly skilled workforce from a country that desperately needs them.

The seasoned first term law maker noted that Nigeria has plethora of laws and that the implementation of those laws which will inturn reverse the brain drain lies with the executive arm of the government which has over 840 Ministries Department and Agencies.

He further enumerated the push factors to include but not limited to salary and benefits differentials, tribalism, nepotism, inadequate professional and career opportunities, large technological gaps and inadequate local technological capacity for the skilled workers to maximize their full potentials.

While on the other hand, countries with pull factors are more open-minded, more democratic, more inclusive, they value meritocracy over nepotism, career development and opportunity, robust public services, higher wages, pensions among others.

He assured Nigerians that the National Assembly members are committed to delivering the welfare of the citizens and urged the executive to implement the laws already passed by the legislative arm to stem the tide of brain drain.

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