Cultism-An Issue Of Concern; Disturbing Growth And Wellbeing Of Youths, Rights Activist Ayomipe Jatto Says


Rights Activist & Revolutionary Politician Ayomipe Jatto added in a press conference that in our present age and world today. It’s quite conversant amongst the youth and middle age to get tempted to join illegal and inappropriate unions or gangs. It’s an issue of concern for the government and the peace of the country.

Every day, youths are picked on the streets round about the whole state as enforced by National law and security. Talking about cultism it’s defined – is an act of belonging to a secret cult, group, or illegal union.

Members of a secret cult have particular spiritual beliefs usually regarded by others as misguided because of what they do in the dark. They come together for certain purposes that might not be approved by other people and thus might not be suitable or comfortable for positive mindsets. Over the past years, Nigeria has had lots of underage, middle-aged, and grown-ups with this very problem. It has caused the deaths of innocent souls, robberies, and all other violent crimes.

However, Jatto highlighted that these so-called cultists see themselves of high self-esteem when they take hard drugs and illicit drugs to make them see other people as irrelevant or pose threat to their activities and action. As discovered by researchers around the country, cult members must go through ritual practices to declare their loyalty to whatever gangs, and they identify themselves with names, colors, and various styles of hand signs amongst themselves. During these processes, they disregard health measures at initiations and procedures they might be asked by their superiors.

It’s a dirty game of hierarchy which is a killer of destiny and not advisable for a future leader or purposeful youth. Every year, the federal government spends a lot to fight these organized criminal gangs, squads, and activities but it keeps getting on the rise and to this cause, many youths are at a detriment. It’s pivotal for every family, not just the institutions or social gatherings to make good awareness to help the youths stay off these weird actions and activities.

In conclusion, Ayomipe Jatto added that he as a Rights Activist and a Politician have been attacked by Cultists recently even without doing anything to them, so obviously this is a gang of oppressors who go after innocent Nigerians, Politician should stop encouraging youths into bad gangs for their selfish reasons that sanity is better kept than a country full of miscreants who go about with dirty mindsets to do the unlawful to innocent fellow Nigerians when we can have the next Elon musk from this Youths, The Rights Activist Jatto says “No to Cultism” that it’s the fastest killer disease and has no benefit or anything of Good you can hand over to your children. We need crime-free country with progressive youths.


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