Dr. Tinuade Sanda: The Steady Hands Of An Astute Leader
Dr. Tinuade Sanda, MD/CEO EKEDC.

When Dr. Tinuade Sanda was appointed the MD/CEO of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) in March of 2022, not many may have expected the seamless assumption of such a lofty role, the raft of reforms that followed shortly after, and the sustained progress that has continued ever since.


But for those who have known Dr. Sanda, this was parred for the course. As someone with in-depth domain experience and proven administrative capacity, having been a  senior Management staff, she was ready from day one.


The secret has been this: Dr. Sanda is a team player. At the Board, Management, and staff levels, she has continued to maintain a disposition of cooperation, constructive engagement, and eagerness to listen and learn. A fine set of attributes. All things considered, this has been a masterful control of the reins of exalted office, if ever there was one.


And what’s more, Dr. Sanda has approached the huge responsibility of high office with delicate poise, grace, and humility, being so accessible that the rigid hierarchy of the conventional corporate system seems alien to her. This people-centered approach to leadership has had a one-year assessment span, and the results are in.


Dr. Sanda clearly understood the need for a rallying philosophy, something to inspire the team and underpin every strategy. Upon assumption of office, she launched the Mission Possible Mantra. It was a call to defiance against the odds, and resilience through and through. It challenged every team member and summoned their highest commitment. It was a clear statement of purpose— no challenge, no matter how daunting, will ever be able to prevent the attainment of EKEDC’s set goals. Success was non-negotiable.


Throughout her one-year stay in office, EKEDC has witnessed some marked changes in several important areas. Staff training and incentives, core service delivery, client and community engagement, operational strategy, as well as strategic brand positioning have all received significant rejigging, in some cases, and complete overhaul, in others. It has been one long stretch of innovation, rethinking, and optimization of systems and processes. And the results have been remarkable.


The 12-month stretch has seen the expansion of the client base, the decentralization of districts to cope with the surge of new customers and optimize service, the implementation of an upward review of staff remuneration, the launch of a fast-delivery mass metering program (Mobile MAP Initiative) which led to the delivery of over 46,000 meters in 2022 alone, far-reaching and impactful corporate social responsibility projects consistent with its four CSR pillars of Health & Wellness, Sports, Education, and Technology. CSR interventions have included outreaches to schools and communities, as well as hosting/support of meaningful events. It has been one eventful year. A year of marked progress and positioning for greater progress.


Of significant note is EKEDC’s partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the launch of the Energy Club program in Lagos secondary schools, a STEM initiative aimed at boosting the next generation’s interest and participation in subjects related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; donation of a full-range children’s playing ground to Oremeji 2 Nursery and Primary School, Tolu School Complex and Ajegunle – Apapa school; sponsorship of the 2022 Lagos International Polo tournament, the T20 Invitational Women’s Cricket tournament, and the Festival of Table Tennis organized by the International Table tennis Federation.


The performance of EKEDC under Dr. Sanda’s leadership has not gone unnoticed. Esteemed customers and stakeholders have noted and commended improvements in meter distribution, energy equipment repair, and replacement (EKEDC received One Hundred and Fifty brand new transformers), and overall improved customer service. There are notable areas to improve upon but the progress has been significant, as recognized and commended by stakeholders. And the awards have been coming. EKEDC has received awards from reputable brands like the ITF, NECA, and Afri-Safe.


EKEDC can reflect on its one year under Dr. Sanda’s leadership with glee. It can proudly recount its record of improved power supply to customers, highest collection ever, lowest ever ATC&C losses, a substantial reduction in work-related accidents, and marked increase in staff retention. It has had a truly defining year.


As another 365 days beckon, EKEDC and its esteemed customers and stakeholders can rest, assured of even better performance, as the steady leadership of Dr. Sanda with the support of the Board, Management, and staff will remain an abiding force.


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