Eye Witness Report: Man Hit BRT Bus, Broke Driverside Window


…As he claimed BRT Bus Scratched His Jeep

A man, indentified as ONIRETI YINUSA YINKA hit driverside window of BRT’s bus with plate number BRI 294 in annoyance with his hand yesterday, Monday June 28, 2021 around Ikoyi junction coming from Obalende, it was past 6pm when the incident occurred.

The BRT driver simply indentify as Alfa was seriously injured by the broken window, ROTA Media was inside the BRT bus as she witnessed the incident and display of anger by Mr. Onireti Yinusa Yinka who drove HONDA PILOT JEEP with plate number BDG552FL LAGOS on the BRT bus corridor to quickly pass through. The BRT bus did not scratch neither touch Onireti’s jeep.

Onireti was not supposed to be there or should have wait, he had deviated from its designated route but still claiming right and in full rage came down from his jeep, hit the BRT window adding slap and insult on Alfa, the BRT driver.

ROTA Media totally condemn this act, following repeated reports in Lagos state on destroying government properties, beating and humiliating officials, the government should take necessary step to prosecute offenders.

The police, LASTMA personnel attached to the juction apprehend him as he was taken to nearby police station.


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