By Aliyu Hussein Taye

It has becomes very important to make this clarification on the misconception of what Bola Ahmed Tinubu represents both in the Southwest, and Nigeria at large. BAT has proven his leadership prowess in Lagos State and has also demonstrated same in national politics. This has made him a figure to reckon with in Nigerian polity.

He is a political achiever and a triumphant warrior with towering influence across the states in Nigeria. This influence is built on goodwill, popularity, capacity, leadership and political mentorship. It is not strange to us that some individuals are conspiring and also indulging in political hypocrisy just to reap from where they did not sow.

All the evil merchants peddling malevolence targeted at BAT because of their hidden agenda, will be drenched with water of regret as things unfold gradually. They will hide their faces in shame and will have no other option than to celebrate BAT comes 2023, God willing.

BAT political ambition is divine and beyond what any man can thwart. We already know the intention of individuals who see BAT as a threat to their political growth, and as such, they are trying all efforts using all sorts of wicked and base strategies to bring him down.

The rumours being spread about Asiwaju Tinubu can only be likened to beer parlour gist’s as they are based on the figment of the initiator’s imagination. The Southwest and other regions are advised to disregard any blackmail against Asiwaju Tinubu on national and political issues.

It is the work of vilifies who seek to distract the general public and they are working tirelessly to sow seeds of discontent within the All Progressives Congress ( APC). We understand that the mischief makers maybe known supporters of the ruling party, but that should not mean they can masquerade their malicious intents under the guise of perceived political interests.

It has become important to make this clarification in order to unclutter the truth. We urge the general public to disregard the baseless gossips being circulated about the Jagaban of Borgu.

Though, these slanders are expected, because it appears to be the only weapon at the disposal of haters and defamers to unleash besmirch on the personality of the God-conscious and public-spirited Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We must continue to enlighten the general public on the need to dishonour the narratives of maligners and hypocrites from within and without the party.

It is now getting clearer to everyone in Nigeria that the unfortunate incidence at Lekki tollgate was targetted at tarnishing the good image of BAT, but to God be the glory, he has been vindicated and we will in our capacity continue to counter the negative narratives been peddled by traitors.

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This is an opportunity to rewrite history in our national life by giving favourable consideration to Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has been consistent in his struggle to enthrone progressive governance in Nigeria.

BAT is a political icon known for commitment, dedication, competence, integrity, brilliance and intelligence. In his personal capacity, he has helped many individuals to attain leadership positions and will continue to raise leaders.

The general public is hereby advised to kindly disregard concocted falsehood been circulated by filth columnists intended to create resentment against his political ambition.

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