Nigerians in Diaspora Meet to Strategy on BATS-V Involvement in Tinubu’s Presidential Campaign


Dr Abiola Oshodi says history has beckoned on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to help resurrect a dying nation whose soul and spirit had been murdered in two historic periods I.e., 1966 and 1993 respectively.

According to him, In 1966 the first military coup in Nigeria was recorded and the attendant consequences is what the nation is still grappling with till date. Tagging it the spirit but without a soul.

Dr Oshodi, who was a special guest speaking at the virtual meeting for global BATS-V meeting, said this is the point at which the Asiwaju BAT Tinubu presidency from 2023 can start to refocus itself if it’s going to be different from every other administrations before it.

BAT administration, if elected into office in 2023, he said must be determined to resurrect the soul and spirit of nation long murdered decades ago, and BAT if elected must see such a rare event as an opportunity to revive and resurrect and must successfully couple the new living and revived soul and spirit and the body of a potentially great nation together, which is not an easy task.

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The speaker also mentioned that failure to conceptualize and address the multifaceted Nigeria problems along this thought process will eventually result in building a castle in the sand and another hope dashed God forbid, as many previous administrations including the current President Muhammed Buhari administration have been adjudged

He however said they as BATS-V members must start to come up with blueprints that will help galvanize the BAT campaign and if he wins the election, the administration can fall back on such documents in order to quickly midwife the rebirth of a new Nigeria.

The BAT campaign message and subsequent administration’s policies must be bold and courageous to implement deep-rooted and wide reaching structural reforms of Nigeria spanning multiple sectors, he stated.

He noted that they must help arm the BAT campaign once officially declared with the 6R messages of resurrection, rebirth, reform, restructure, repentance and reconciliation. And this 6R message must form the socioeconomic and political blueprint of the administration of elected into office.

The BAT campaign must be able to evolve a message of unity and hope driven by evidence and facts that can effectively drown the messages of ethnics, separatism and Balkanization currently catching the attention of some politicized and ethnic driven Nigerians, the fact is none of the geopolitical regions can survive as well on their own in a genuinely fiscally and geographically restructured Nigeria with a resurrected spirit and soul effectively coupled to the body that will birth a new and a prosperous Nigeria as the Africa market place and centre for global trade activities.
The BAT campaign and by His grace the incoming BAT administration must give restructuring a chance and encourage self determination amongst the federating units so that the lights of our nation will start to shine.

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