November Ushers In Drama-Packed Weekends On AM Yoruba

The month of November is here and that means Africa Magic Yoruba has a full house of drama-packed weekends of dramas and movies, in the last quarter of the year.

November ushers in a month of exciting Yoruba dramas and movies. Catch up on the latest Yoruba movies on AM Yoruba Channel 157, on DSTV, and on Channel 5 on GOTV.

From marital issues, and betrayals, to friendship dramas, and silly antics, the latest movie lineup will keep you glued to your television screens. The Saturday catalog includes “Tanta Rubber” a comedy that will have you rolling on the floor in laughter at the antics of Alayila and his friends as they wreak havoc in the community, to balance the humor out is the intense drama, “Omo Aje” which tells the story of a gorgeous lady who is a panegyric for wealth is ultimately cared for by her wealthy husband, however, unfortunately, the good omen in her becomes a nightmare when her beauty suddenly turned mysterious.

Sundays promise even more thrilling drama, from your favorite actors such as Odunlade Adekola to Iyabo Ojo, with a range of action, thriller, and comedy movies from, “Oko Ramota” which follows the hilarious story of a young man who decides to take a timeless journey in order to fulfill a desire but he got served when his expectation takes a twist with a lady he meets who in turn would be his life partner, to “President Kuti” a story about a lord of the street, highly feared and revered. He faces constant confrontation from rival gangs but maintains his supremacy. An attempt to clamp his wings unlocks a new level of street credibility as he remains undefeated.

Other titles to watch out for include Mona, Replacement, Sunday Ewenje, and The Cokers.

From family-friendly movies to thrilling dramas, Africa Magic Yoruba has something for everyone. There’s Drama, action, family-friendly comedy, suspense, and all things Yoruba. Catch up on all the latest Yoruba movies and dramas this November on DSTV and GOTV, Ch. 157 and CH. 5, respectively.

You’re in for a thrilling ride this month of November. Get ready for exciting movies that will leave you spellbound on Africa Magic Yoruba!

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