Truth and Being Truthful can be Misinterpreted


By Hon. Rotimi Makinde

The sources of our fragmentation most time start with our attitudes towards truth. If you are blunt, reserved, honest or exceptionally talented, it may be termed as arrogance in nature and mistaken for being a peacock.

Finally, someone has answered the question that has exasperated ultimately. That person is the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Telu 1. He is blunt to a fault.

In his words: “Awolowo’s record is beatable; that would even be his joy in his grave”. Truth is arrogant in itself. If this is so, then lies or faking attitudes must be of complex as characteristics.

Michael Patrick Lynch’s book uses the classics of philosophy to examine why our society, in a modern age of technology and education, is increasingly centred around a dysfunctional, narcissistic rejection of objectivity and reason. Know-It-All Society challenges us to consider why we arrogantly refuse to listen to each other, no matter what our politics or our beliefs.”

Who will tell the Yorubas the bitter truth is the next question. The late Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory remained one of the best legends. No controversy or dispute about this as it is very sacrosanct and I believe no one can murder history. With our mouths, we killed his dream and this we did mostly and at home to make him the best president we never had.

According to the Oluwo of Iwo, it would be Baba Ikenne’s joy and prayers answered if his record is broken. That is usually the joy of every father. Isn’t it? We all pray for our children to surpass us in every good legacy.

Tinubu today is in the forefront and in our generation, with our encouragement, unity and jettisoning of cronyism and all those things that speaks only of his negative, we many kill another opportunity in the making. This is a big problem destroying us as a descendant of Oduduwa which is the Pull Him Down Syndrome.
This disease has penetrated through our societies, from politics, family to other institutions, like work places and even Churches and Mosques. While others are sleeping, some achievers are busy strategizing and thinking positively.

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They research on how to develop their dream. As others spend their money – they save and invest in their dream, while others are comfortable with their education level; they upgrade their educational credentials. Then one day, we see these people living their dream and then, the Pull Him Down mentality creeps in. All manner of names come on board; destruction begins. He is a witch, thief, betrayal ,too vocal and he is arrogant. How did he or she get that money, so much business outfits etc? He boasts! She writes, Is he better than Prof Wole Soyinka? She thinks she knows it all.

He is equating himself with the late Awolowo. Can he ever be like late Awolowo or Ladoke Akintola? It’s not just possible. No one can beat their records. Not (Ko) possible, bringing someone down will not elevate you. Just like God created our faces to be different from each other, so are our God given gifts. Then, why feel bad for others’ success.

We must work hard towards our goals so that we stop being preoccupied with monitoring other people’s hustle instead of focusing on ours.
Asiwaju Tinubu is in his own class, one of our best, we must work as a team to make the best of him.
SWAGA is a work in progress.


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