AdeyinkaShoyemi AKA Grandson To Bag African British Unsung Heroes Awards
Comrade Adeyinka Shoyemi AKA Grandson.

…Nigeria Government should show empathy – Braimoh

African British Charity-NGO in partnership with TSSG-DIASPORA TEAM will be honouring Comrade Adeyinka Shoyemi Esq, popularly known as Adeyinka Grandson with the title of Unsung Heroes Awards in absentia and will be duly represented in London UK.

Comrade Adeyinka Shoyemi popularly known as GRANDSON, saw today and tomorrow, the emergence of our President-Elect, a War Lord/Convener- YYF, an Enthusiastic Jagabanist to the Core with Oduduwa- Yorubaland as the Centre of their Agitation, the honour had become necessary to appreciate his Selflessness & Leadership.

Adeyinka Grandson was sentenced to four and a half years in a British prison in April 2022 on the claim that he incited violence against Igbo ethnic groups in Nigeria, which are in breach of the anti-racial hatred laws of the United Kingdom.

Adeyemi Shoyemi AKA Grandson To Bag African British Unsung Heroes Awards
Comrade Adeyinka Shoyemi, AKA Grandson.

Adeyemi Shoyemi AKA Grandson To Bag African British Unsung Heroes Awards

Adeyinka Grandson was reported to UK Authorities for concerted hate crimes and petitioned the London Metropolitan Police led to the imprisonment of self-determined agitator Adeyinka Shoyemi popularly called Adeyinka Grandson.

Adeyinka Grandson foresees the plans of the Igbo ethnic group and the unaware outcome of the Nigeria Presidential election on February 25, 2023.

Chairman African British Group, Otunba Jafaru Braimoh said: “We want the incoming administration to liaise with British Government to review his prison terms and he can come and spend the rest of his prison terms in Nigeria because it’s a political issue.”

“It’s nine years after the Prisoner Transfer Agreement between the United Kingdom and Nigeria was signed, no inmate has been transferred by either country to serve the balance of their jail terms in their home countries.

The initiative had yet to take off due to the failure of the Federal Government to meet certain requirements set out in the bilateral agreement. UK and Nigeria signed the agreement in 2014 to allow the transfer of prisoners. It means citizens of one country, who commit crimes in the other, will serve sentences in their homeland.

The UK government had said this would enable inmates to be properly prepared for release into the community in which they would live following their release.

“It is high time the incoming administration looked into Nigerians’ imprisonment in the UK. The UK-Nigeria agreement was one of the objectives outlined by then-UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and President Goodluck Jonathan following a meeting in 2011.”

As part of the agreement, the British government funded the construction of a new wing at the Kirikiri Custodial Centre, Lagos, so that it could transfer Nigerian prisoners there.

The 112-bed wing, which cost £700,000 ($973,000) and is compliant with the United Nations standards, will make it easier for Britain to comply with the transfer agreement.

Braimoh said Nigeria Government should show empathy and help negotiate his coming to spend the rest of his prison term after all Grandson did all the trouble to ensure this new incoming government come into power.

Going forward, we have decided to honour Comrade Adeyinka Shoyemi aka Grandson in absentia and will be represented on Saturday 29 April 2023.

For further inquiry contact or Hon. (Amb) Kemi Omole


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