BBNAIJA 7 Level 2 housemates win first wager

Level 2 housemates on Friday won the first weekly wager of Big Brother Naija season seven.

The Level 2 housemates were crowned winners by Biggie for coming tops in the talent showcase and house anthem composition.

On Monday, Biggie gave the housemates their first major task of the season which served as the weekly wager.

Each level was to form three groups of four housemates each and deliver a showcase in which each member of the team displays different talents simultaneously.

Each level was also tasked to compose an anthem for their house.

The performance was judged on creativity, originality, and presentation skills.

For winning the wager, Level 2 housemates will have the opportunity for house shopping, while Level 1 house will not.

Each Level 2 housemate has rewarded 1,500 pockets Naira for the house shopping.

In addition, only Level 2 housemates will have access to next Thursday’s pool party and the afterparty on Saturday night.


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