Enjoy Authentic Stories In Your Local Dialect This Weekend On GOtv

Lovers of local dramas in Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa will enjoy an amazing weekend as always with GOtv. The best part is all movies and dramas are subtitled in English so everyone can enjoy awesome local content depicting rich cultural heritage and traditions, captivating storylines, throwback costumes, epic storytelling, and more.

Here are our top local dramas that promise to satisfy your voracious appetite for top-notch entertainment.

Zainabu Abu

Awual is terminally ill and has just six months to leave. Bowing to the pressure from his mum to get married, he meets and falls in love with Zainab at first sight. A love doomed from the beginning; this is a story that promises to leave a long-lasting impression on its viewers. Zainabu Abu airs at 8.30 pm on Saturday 17th September on AM Hausa (channel 4) on GOtv.


Blast from the past is the order of the day in this Hausa drama. Omar goes to a village as a corper with his friends and meets Fati, a girl that looks exactly as his ex-girlfriend with the same name. Everything about him turns upside down. Subtitled in English, Fati shows at 8.30 pm on Sunday 18th September on AM Hausa (channel 4) on GOtv.

Enjoy Authentic Stories In Your Local Dialect This Weekend On GOtv

Ajo Nne (Bad Mother-In-Law)

This movie is a good example of the enemy within. The Igbo view the family institution as the foundation of Igbo society. Unfortunately, some in-laws are a necessary evil. A young man allows his in-law into his house for a visit, and this becomes his nemesis. What happens when your mother-in-law becomes an Ajo Nne? Subtitled in English, Ajo Nne airs at 7.00 pm on Saturday 17th September on AM Igbo (channel 11) on GOtv


Tradition clashes with progress in the drama. In a land where traditions block progress, the occupants must do all they can to abolish these traditions. Starring Livinus Nnochiri, Uche Ebere Agu, and Shedrach Nkpozi amongst others lend their excellent acting skills in this thought-provoking drama. Watch Omenala on Sunday 18th September at 7.00 pm on AM Igbo (channel 11) on GOtv


When a notorious armed robber finds out his wife is having an affair, he vows to find his wife’s secret lover and take his pound of flesh. Watch this thrilling movie as karma takes its course. Subtitled in English, Adigunjale airs at 6.58 pm on Saturday 17th September on AM Yoruba (channel 5) on GOtv.

Ibinu Eru

Lovers of Yoruba epic dramas should check out this movie. Ibinu Eru tells the story of a powerful king who forcefully took over the throne with selfish motives. Years later, the deed of the past comes knocking at his door. Will his past catch up with him? Played by our favorite Yoruba actor Odunlade Adekola and subtitled in English, Ibinu Eru airs at 7.00 pm on Sunday 18th September on AM Yoruba (channel 5) on GOtv.

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