Enjoy mind-blowing movie magic this Saturday on GOtv
It’s movie night this Saturday on GOtv. Get ready for an amazing time with mind-blowing movie magic.
From fantasy animation to comedy and action movies, this Saturday on GOtv promises programs that evoke excitement, fun, and a few “OMG” moments.

Here is our top selection of must-watch movies this Saturday on GOtv.

Epic: Our Saturday movie night starts with a beautifully animated adventure perfect for the whole family. Voiced by Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson, Epic tells the story of a girl who embarks on a mission to save a society of miniature people living in the woods. Watch the movie Epic at 5.00 pm on Saturday 27th on M-Net Movie 4(Channel 3) on GOtv 

I Feel Pretty: More than your typical ugly duckling story, I Feel Pretty tells the story of a woman with self-esteem issues who suffers a concussion and wakes up believing she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Catch all the laughter and learn life lessons in I Feel Pretty showing at 6.40 pm on Saturday 27th on M-Net Movie 4(Channel 3) on GOtv 

The Mummy: Action meets the supernatural in this mind-gripping thriller. Set against the backdrop of modern society, Tom Cruise messes with forces unknown while trying to steal artifacts in the Middle East. He accidentally awakens an ancient malevolent princess. Find out what happens next. The Mummy airs at 8.30 pm on Saturday 27th on M-Net Movie 4(Channel 3) on GOtv

The Back Up Plan: Jennifer Lopez puts the cart before the horse in this romantic comedy. A professional single woman decides she wants a child and chooses a fertility clinic. However, soon after she gets pregnant, she meets the right man. Will breakfast be served when he finds out? Watch The Back-Up Plan at 7.00 pm on Saturday 27th on BET (Channel 21) on GOtv

 Daybreakers: ‘I Am Legend’ fans will love this action horror. In the near future, Earth is populated by vampires while the uninfected are kept as livestock. A researcher played by Ethan Hawke must find a way to save mankind. Daybreakers airs at 9.00 pm on Saturday 27th on TNT (Channel 16) on GOtv.

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