FirstBank Hosts Financial Market Dealers Association FMDA Quarterly Meeting

FirstBank of Nigeria, a pioneer in innovative banking solutions, has taken the lead in addressing concerns about the deployment of humanoid robots in three of its branches.

The move comes in response to recent reports emphasizing the installation of a robot representative to assist customers in the bank’s branches.

In an exclusive interview with ThisDay, Adesola Adeduntan, the renowned CEO of First Bank, addressed these concerns.

Introducing Humanoid Robots for Enhanced Self-Service Banking

Adeduntan shed light on the bank’s groundbreaking Digital Xperience Centre (DXC), heralded as Nigeria’s first digital bank branch. Leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, the DXC aims to revolutionize self-service banking operations for clients. Adeduntan emphasized that the introduction of humanoid robots aligns with the bank’s forward-looking approach to the future of financial services delivery.

Launched initially in Lagos in 2021, the DXC stands as a fully automated interactive digital branch, redefining customers’ banking experiences through digitized self-service. Subsequent rollouts at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, and the Wuse branch in Abuja have garnered positive feedback from customers, especially those in the retail segments.

Responding to concerns about potential job displacement for bank employees, Adeduntan clarified the bank’s stance on the matter. He emphasized that the DXC is not intended to replace employees but rather to enhance efficiency and productivity. Adeduntan stated, “The DXC is not a trade-off for our employees but an enabler to free up our staff’s productive time to take on more complex and rewarding tasks within the Bank.”

Adeduntan further reassured the public by highlighting the bank’s ongoing commitment to employee empowerment. He stated, “Given our several laudable employee initiatives, we are well-equipped to empower our employees to take on any other role they may desire within the larger FirstBank Group.”


Looking Ahead

First Bank of Nigeria remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in the banking sector. Adeduntan concluded the interview by stating that there are plans for additional rollouts of DXCs across all operating jurisdictions, underscoring the bank’s commitment to providing cutting-edge banking solutions while simultaneously fostering employee growth and development.


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