Glenfiddich Mavericks Storm Lagos, Transforming Drinks.NG Into Whisky Wonderland

By Olushola Okunlade

Glenfiddich’s Mavericks, M.I. “The Guy” and Nancy Isime, made an appearance in Lagos, celebrating boldness and the vibrant Maverick spirit at Drinks.NG on December 13th & 14th. The event, which utterly embodied the essence of Glenfiddich, transformed the usual hub for wines and spirits into an immersive exquisite experience for whisky enthusiasts.

Attendees had the rare opportunity to glimpse the Mavericks in action, not only sharing their love for Glenfiddich but also providing insights into the inspirations behind their limited sleeve bottles.

M.I. ”The Guy”, reflecting on a year of collaboration with Glenfiddich, stated, “It’s been a beautiful year with Glenfiddich. From every single campaign that’s been run, it’s not just about the taste; it’s about holding a piece of art in your hands.

Nancy Isime, reflecting on the limited sleeves, stated, “These bottles are more than just whisky; they’re a celebration of Nigeria and the incredible spirit of our people. This is a bottle you should get for a loved one this season.

The #ToBoldFutures campaign reflects the brand’s commitment to inspiring others to explore the challenges and accomplishments inherent in their journey toward progress, recognizing that reaching the summit is just the beginning.

Each limited-sleeve bottle has a unique creation celebrating Nigeria and the Nigerian spirit, which became a symbol of the Mavericks’ journey and Glenfiddich’s commitment to excellence.

As the evening unfolded, the atmosphere buzzed with vibrant and high-spirited energy. Those who purchased Glenfiddich 12, 15, or 18-year whiskies had the added privilege of having their limited sleeve bottles signed by the Mavericks. Beyond the signed bottles, attendees captured these cherished moments through personalised photographs.

The evening concluded with an air of satisfaction, as attendees departed with not only memories of a remarkable event but also cherished limited sleeve bottles that encapsulate the Maverick spirit and Glenfiddich’s commitment to crafting exceptional moments.

In light of the holiday season, Glenfiddich is offering a promotional combo pack for the limited edition gift box on Drinks.NG. This exclusive sleeve gift box includes the 12YO, 16YO, and 18YO limited edition bottle sleeves, featuring the printed signatures of the Mavericks. To take part in this offer, visit or explore walk-ins at Drinks.NG.

For more exciting events and updates from Glenfiddich in Nigeria, please visit or follow @Glenfiddich_Ng on Instagram.


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