Glovo Delivered 2023: Nigeria Emerges As Front-Runner In African Market For Local Food Consumption This 2023

…Local food orders skyrocketed by 25x in 2023, topping consumption trends in the country.

…Glovo’s dedication to supporting local stores and fostering their business expansion is why SMEs are its largest network of partners and have grown by 2x in 2023.


By Olushola Okunlade


Glovo, the leading multicategory app, today released its annual report “Glovo Delivered,” containing key insights and trends derived from an in-depth analysis of Nigerian users’ consumption habits on the app throughout 2023. This comprehensive report not only captures the key highlights of the year but also provides a glimpse into anticipated trends for the upcoming year.


Embracing the Nigerian culinary heritage

In 2023, the surge in local food orders soared by 25x compared to the previous year. The top products ordered are jollof rice, fried rice, asun rice, chicken, meat pie, and stir-fry spaghetti. Proudly leading the African market and ranking fourth globally in the consumption of authentic local cuisine, Nigeria displays an unwavering affection for its local cuisine. Despite the availability of other cuisines, this shows Nigerian’s love for local cuisines. Though there was growth in orders made all through the weeks of 2023, Friday was king, taking most of the total weekly orders.

Fueling this affection for local cuisines is jollof rice. In 2023 the love for jollof rice knew no bounds, evident in an increase in delivered orders compared to 2022. In addition to the reigning jollof rice, chicken has emerged as another star performer in the food scene.

Followed by local cuisines, Italian cuisine witnessed a remarkable 687% surge, closely followed by American cuisine with a notable 903% increase in orders compared to 2022. However, it’s the unwavering love for homegrown flavors that remains at the core of Nigerians’ dining preferences.


Fun Facts

11:57 am on 12th December 2023 was the busiest minute for Glovo in the country, this means that during that minute Nigerians placed the highest number of orders. The user who has spent the most on a single order lives in Lagos and placed an order in Glovo Bargains worth ₦ 5,285,000.00.


The courier that earned the most in 2023 earned ₦3,264,039 in the year. This represents the opportunities that Glovo is offering the couriers to make as much income as they can in the multi-category industry.


Notable Growth in Partnership

In 2023, the total number of partners available on the app increased by 192%. SMEs have grown by 216% in 2023 vs. 2022. This shows the Glovo team’s commitment to onboarding local stores to help them grow their businesses.


Commenting, Lamide Akinola, General Manager, Glovo Nigeria said; “SMEs represent 80% of the total network of partners on Glovo. The consistent expansion of brands that are willing to come on our platform to meet their customers is a testament to how Glovo is changing the game in the country. That Nigerians continue to engage with the platform and the new categories tell us that we have embarked on an exciting journey and remain on the right track.”



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