Glovo Dominates AFCON 2024: 76% Surge In Local Cuisine Orders On Game Days In Nigeria

By Olushola Okunlade

As the football frenzy sweeps across Africa during the AFCON 2024 championship, Glovo, the leading multi-category app, stands out as the go-to companion for fans.

With the ongoing tournament witnessing a surge in user activity, especially on match days featuring the Nigerian national team, Glovo is making the football-watching experience a winning combination of excitement, passion, and delicious food.

Nigerians celebrate AFCON Matchdays with Local Cuisine.

Chicken, jollof rice, and pie are topping our chats as the top orders. Notably, alcohol consumption, with beer being the most consumed product, is on the rise (42% growth on 18th January), reflecting the festive spirit of football celebrations. Local dishes, in particular, have seen a remarkable 76% increase in orders compared to the daily average of the last 6 months.

Glovo’s Impact on Game Days

On average during the four matches Nigeria has played so far, at the kick-off time of the matches, orders shot up by 46% compared to the average of the previous six months at those times. Moreover, when analysing consumption one hour before these four matches, orders have increased on average by 39% compared to the average of the previous six months at those times.

In both cases, the day where the biggest impact is seen is on 27th January (Nigeria vs Cameroon at 9 pm), where one hour before the match orders jump by 78% and at kick-off time by 86% (in both cases vs. the same times over the last 6 months). This trend enhances  the football-viewing experience.

Interestingly, Lagos and Abuja continue to lead the list of cities with the highest number of orders.

Easy Access to Delicacies for Celebrating AFCON 2024

Understanding the unique needs of football enthusiasts, Glovo has introduced a special shortcut within the app. During the football competition, users can click directly on the “Africa in Football” bubble to find everything they crave, ready for delivery during the matches! For an electrifying sports experience, Glovo is a reliable partner for fans. By championing convenience and security, Glovo takes pride in ensuring a delivery service that is not only comfortable but prioritizes safety wherever AFCON fans may be.




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