Maltina Shares Happiness With Special Iftar Soiree For Ramadan

By Olushola Okunlade

In line with its ‘Show Kindness, Share Happiness’ Ramadan campaign, Maltina, Nigeria’s leading malt drink brand, has again demonstrated its commitment to sharing happiness with consumers. The brand hosted a select group of Muslim faithful to a special Maltina Iftar soiree on 31 March 2024.


The Iftar soiree embodied the true spirit of Ramadan, encouraging a sense of community and togetherness as guests shared delicious Iftar meals– the evening meal that breaks the daily Ramadan fast. The atmosphere was serene as guests made connections and had heartfelt conversations, creating lasting memories for all who participated.

Maltina Shares Happiness With Special Iftar Soiree For Ramadan

“Maltina is dedicated to supporting our Muslim consumers throughout Ramadan,” said Daniella Ogunsanya, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, while speaking on the essence of the Maltina Iftar soiree. “We believe this holy month is a time to embrace unity, especially during these challenging times. The Maltina Iftar soiree is part of our commitment to keep sharing happiness and showing kindness.”


This event further exemplifies Maltina’s dedication to exceeding expectations and spreading joy and happiness with its consumers each season. As Ramadan concludes, Maltina remains a nourishing companion, reminding us to be kind to one another and cherish moments of togetherness with loved ones.


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