Slaps, Kisses And Chaos! It’s The Action Filled Episode 9 Of University Of Cruise

There’s double unseriousness in the newest episode of the fun-filled series, University of Cruise!

After the fleeting peace in the previous episode, our rascal undergraduates make an interesting decision. In the beginning, it earns them fame and respect. Afterwards? They are greeted with slaps and threats for their greed.

Amid all the drama, the lens focuses on Etim and Flo as they go on a date and enjoy some “intimacy” with each other. Their romance seems to be blooming irrespective of all obstacles.

Episode 9 airs this Saturday 2nd of December 2023 on ROK TV on DSTV at 9:00 pm WAT/10:00 pm CAT and ROK UK at 9:30 pm WAT/10:30 pm CAT!

Created by ‘Oma Areh and Executive produced by ‘Oma Areh and Mercy Johnson-Okojie. The University of Cruise is directed by Adeoluwa Owu and stars Amanda Dara, Nancy Ameh, Esther Agunbiade, Vine Olugu, Chisom Onwuegbuzia, Scott Obilo, and Solomon Mike.

You can catch the repeats on Monday mornings at 9 am WAT/10:00 am CAT, Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 pm WAT/5:00 pm CAT, and Friday nights at 9:30 pm WAT/10:30 pm CAT!

Watch the Episode 9 Teaser here:


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