Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Pledges Commitment to Enhancing Organisations’ Welfare

Undoubtedly, women’s empowerment has emerged as a potent catalyst, igniting positive change and reshaping the narrative surrounding women’s roles in society.

This transformative shift has revolutionised the lives and contributions of women, enabling them to unleash their full potential in fostering societal growth, nurturing thriving economies, and creating sustainable livelihoods.

According to a United Nations Women publication, although women’s economic empowerment boosts productivity and increases economic diversification, in addition to other positive development outcomes, globally, over 2.7 billion women are still legally restricted from having the same choice of jobs as men. The trajectory of female emancipation is a necessary revolution.

Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers recognises the potential for greatness possessed by every woman armed with the right tools and orientation, and as part of its long-standing commitment to women empowerment and development in Nigeria, the organisation put together the just concluded third edition of the Ladies At The Table Empowerment Series (LATTES 3.0) themed: “The Woman of the Future,”.

The event brought together a diverse group of influential keynote speakers, panelists, and workshop facilitators who shared their experiences, knowledge, and insights on various topics affecting women. From emerging trends in entrepreneurship to navigating corporate leadership, the attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders who are championing change and making significant contributions to their respective fields.

One of the highlights of LATTES 3.0 was the dynamic panel discussions that focused on critical challenges faced by women in today’s world. These sessions addressed gender bias, work-life balance, personal development, and financial empowerment. The discussions provided a platform for engaging conversations and helped to create a supportive network among attendees, facilitating collaborations and mentorship opportunities.

The panel discussion at LATTES 3.0 featured distinguished speakers such as Dr Omolola Salako, founder of Sebeccly Cancer Care and Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital; Tobi Ayeni, founder of MissTechy; and Solape Akinpelu, co-founder and CEO of HerVest. These accomplished women shared their knowledge, stories, and actionable tips for success as working women.

During the panel discussion, the speakers highlighted that empowering women directly impacts socio-economic progress. When women have access to education, employment, and economic resources, they can contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

The woman of the future understands the pivotal role of work-life balance in pursuing holistic well-being. She prioritises essential aspects such as self-care, family, and personal growth. Women can attain a more sustainable and fulfilling future by fostering a healthier work-life integration.

Speaking at the event, Olumide Oyetan, Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, described LATTES as a critical initiative that unveils a new dawn for women empowerment in Nigeria. He noted that the Nigerian woman holds multiple roles in her family, career, politics, and society. Being conscious of these roles enables women to cultivate a creative mindset and embrace diverse responsibilities that prepare them for the future.

Juliet Ehimuan, Director of Google West Africa, equally noted in her keynote address that the future belongs to women who dare to dream big and defy societal expectations. She admonished women to harness the power of technology to create the future they envision.

Juliet states, “Women must wholeheartedly embrace the many opportunities with the transformative potential to propel their personal and professional growth to new heights. By actively seeking these opportunities, women can expand their knowledge, broaden their skill sets, and cultivate the confidence necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of life and work.”

In addition to the panel sessions, LATTES 3.0 featured interactive workshops that equipped women with practical skills and tools to enhance their personal and professional growth. The workshops covered various topics, including leadership development, financial management, negotiation strategies, and leveraging technology for career advancement. These hands-on sessions empowered the attendees with actionable knowledge and enabled them to build confidence to seize new opportunities.

Furthermore, the event celebrated and recognised outstanding women who embody the spirit of resilience, determination, and excellence. The event included an award ceremony that honoured women who have made significant contributions to their industries and communities, serving as role models for aspiring leaders. By spotlighting these women’s achievements, LATTES 3.0 inspired attendees to dream big and pursue their aspirations, knowing they have the support and encouragement of a vibrant community.

This event served as a catalyst for change, encouraging women to challenge societal norms, seize opportunities, and embrace their role in shaping a more inclusive and diverse future. Through engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and recognition of outstanding accomplishments, LATTES 3.0 created an empowering environment that will continue to inspire participants long after the event concludes.


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