Thrifting — A Micro Influencer And Career Chaser’s Goldmine

By Olushola Okunlade

World Earth Day, April 22nd, is again upon us, marking a customary observance when the global community converges to discuss climate change, environmental conservation, and sustainability. While many industries have made strides in adopting sustainable practices, the fashion industry stands out for its efforts in upscaling, sustainable fashion, and the use of recycled fibers.

Despite these advancements, one aspect that continues to be overlooked is thrifting. Bvndle, pronounced as “Bundle,” a new loyalty platform, aims to bridge this gap by revolutionizing how we approach fashion consumption, blending affordability, accessibility, and sustainability for all.

It turns out thrifting, or as we say in Nigeria, “bend-down-select,” has long been ingrained into our cultural fabric. In the early 90s, civil servants sought out vendors on their way home, eager to acquire pre-used clothing items brought in from foreign countries.

Despite their previous wear, these clothes often retained a distinct scent, assuring buyers they would be as good as new with a simple wash and iron. The practice of thrifting proliferated across the country. Still, it remained accessible to low-middle income earners through markets, roadside vendors, and makeshift stalls, allowing families to maintain prestige in their presentation and self-worth.

Pre-loved of New Owner Mindset

In recent years, thrifting has experienced a resurgence, fueled by the rise of Nollywood and celebrity culture, alongside economic constraints. Vendors now use social media to reach target customers, enabling them to shop for items from their phones.

Meanwhile, influencers with strong followings use pre-loved clothes to build bonds with their followers and recoup expenses from high-priced items they can no longer use. In both scenarios, hidden purchases persist, facilitating respect, social standing, and financial prudence.

Still, Bvndle introduces a more nascent twist that particularly supports macro and micro-influencers alike, expanding the array and quality of products while preserving their sentimental value.

Spotlighting our recent conversation with Bvndle donors Idia Aisen, a Nollywood actress and known frequent traveler, and Ebun Yele, a buzzing new artist in Lagos, Nigeria, with a refreshing thrifting culture, we struck gold.

While Idia discussed her habit of decluttering her closet before trips and donating them, Ebun Yele surprisingly shared her experiences navigating the pressure of looking stylish on a budget. She mentioned that having a dual career as an Artist with a full-time job in finance, she has always embraced thrifting as a creative solution, repurposing and enhancing outfits for various events.

These two women live in the same world but have embraced the versatility of sustainable fashion. They help the planet and their finances and, most importantly, give others the opportunity to be stylish like them on a budget.

Bvndle provides sustainable fashion to all, removing the barrier of exclusivity for celebrities or those in the entertainment industry to accommodate products for professionals, students, and micro-influencers alike, who, like Ebun Yele, face the financial strain of keeping a stylish wardrobe.

So, what makes Bvndle different?

Bvndle is revolutionizing traditional thrifting with The Yard, its new pop-up Yard sale feature. This feature offers wardrobe selections from the closets of celebrities, corporate influencers, and high-net-worth individuals at incredibly affordable prices.

The Yard sale ensures that, as a university student or a working-class babe, you don’t need to spend all your money on clothing because all items at the pop-up yard sale will cost 1 Bvndle coin, equivalent to a nominal value of 12 Naira on the app. Imagine getting a crisp white shirt still in its packet for less than the cost of sachet water or getting a Prada shoe for less than the daily “2k.”

All we need from you to enjoy this is for you to think about how you can shed your closet for new items, join the waitlist for the free Bvndle app membership, register to attend The Yard, and begin to dream about all the new outfits you will be taking home come June 1st.

As we celebrate Earth Day and consider our impact on the planet, let us reconsider our approach to fashion. Thrifting is like borrowing an outfit or accessories from an older sibling or a friend. It promotes sustainability and empowers individuals to express their style without financial strain. Through Bvndle’s Yard sale, we can redefine our relationship with fashion and people.


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