World Pizza Day: Nigeria Emerges As 1# Fastest Growing Country In Global Pizza Consumption

In commemoration of World Pizza Day, Glovo unveils trends and insights on pizza consumption in Nigeria.

…Nigeria witnessed a 1,222% increase in pizza orders delivered via Glovo, marking it the 1# fastest-growing country globally for pizza consumption.

By Olushola Okunlade

In commemoration of World Pizza Day,  Glovo, the leading multi-category app, has revealed insights into the consumption habits of one of Nigeria’s favorite meals, Pizza.


The data, which reflects the consumption habits of Nigerians in 2023, reveals an astonishing 1,222% increase in Pizza orders delivered via the Glovo app vs. 2022. This catapults Nigeria to the fastest-growing country globally for Pizza consumption, followed by Tunisia and Armenia with 262% and 164% increase respectively.


In 2023, chicken-based Pizzas were heavily consumed, representing 44% of all deliveries. Notable shifts in consumer preferences were seen in specific Pizza recipes, with Pizza containing beef and sausages having a remarkable 14,471% and 4,141% surge, respectively.


Examining size preferences among Nigerians, “Large” Pizzas were favorites, accounting for 45% of total orders, while “Regular or Medium” and “Small” sizes closely followed with 28% and 27%, respectively.


Glovo recorded the highest Pizza orders in 2023 on  Saturday, 28 October. On that day, Nigerians ordered x4 more pizza orders than the average Saturday in 2023. In terms of cities, while Lagos dominated Pizza orders with a 57% share, the record for the most expensive pizza order, totalling NGN 136,240, was recorded in Abuja, Nigeria.


Commenting on Nigeria’s Pizza consumption trend, Lamide Akinola, General Manager, Glovo Nigeria, expressed the company’s commitment to being the preferred choice for Nigerians in the multi-category app space. “We’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to being the preferred choice for Nigerians. The wide variety of options available for this product, coupled with a 195% increase in pizza partners in 2023, underscores our support for SMEs,” she remarked.


With a commitment to providing the best services to its users, Glovo, remains a leading multi-category platform, ensuring Nigerians have seamless access to a world of diverse culinary delights.


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