Lamentation Of Support Groups Upturned By Governor Yahaya Bello As Tinubu Visit Kogi

By Saliu Alimat Musa Controller Rtd, From the office of North Central Zonal Coordinator for Numbat Movement in Nigeria. 

APC Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s visit to Kogi State on Wednesday 8th of February 2023 was epochal and episodic to the support groups.

Epochal in the sense that JAGABAN saw live how Kogities are yearning for his leadership of this great country.

Epochal in the sense that JAGABAN came. JAGABAN saw. JAGABAN believed in the indivisibility of Kogities’ love for him and his party, APC.

Epochal in the sense that in spite of the delay in seeing their JAGABAN on time, Kogities waited, Kogities endured the harsh weather, Kogities endured the hunger. Kogities endured the thirst for water and the pains of standing in waiting for their JAGABAN of the universe.

Howbeit, it is episodic in the sense that over 40 percent of the crowd were consequences of the support group’s mobilization yet they were not cared for nor recognised.

Episodic in the sense that a support group of the NUMBAT acronym was on the ground with her security outfit that compliment other securities in maintaining law and order in the stadium yet uncared for by the concerned.

Episodic in the sense that the chairman for the collation groups in the state Hon. Ichapi Abdul Kareem, the Kogi central coordinator of BTOS Mr. Phillip, and myself Hon. Saliu Alimat Musa Controller Rtd of the North Central Zonal Coordinator had to deep their hands in their exhausted pockets to provide transportation fairs for the members of their support groups who could not make it back to their locations is critical and crucial to their sacrifices of the mammoth crowd recorded in the stadium.

Also episodic is the fact that the support groups were overwhelmed by JAGABAN’s long visit to Kogi State consumed their whole day in pain, hunger, and thirst in the face of the scourge of the sun unattended to and unrecognised is demoralizing.

Alias, the godly spirit in Governor Yahaya A. Bello senses this unpalatable treatment of the support groups in the state and made a public declaration in the front view of our principal, the JAGABAN of the universe “that support groups in the state would be carried along.”

That public announcement confirmed the title of messiah-ship on the Governor in our hearts of hearts. His declaration was a tonic to all serious support groups in the state to work harder for the victory of the party in all elections.

A man of his word he is and will continue to be in the Kogi project and beyond. With a stroke of declaration, he has upturned our lamentations. I released a big Thank you to Mr. Governor!

From the office of North Central Zonal Coordinator for Numbat Movement in Nigeria.
– Saliu Alimat Musa Controller Rtd.


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