Police Cooperative Society Operations Digitalised, Dispense Old-Fashioned Approach

…Complaints Received on 24-hour Complaints Line; Spurious Published Allegations Untrue

The Nigeria Police Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Limited in a quest to dispense with the old-fashioned approach of physical and manual collection of funds and to ensure that Co-operators have quick access to their funds, has introduced an automated platform for Co-operators to carry out seamless transactions on their accounts.

The Management of the Cooperative, understanding the importance of boosting and reinforcing access to information by Co-operators and bridging the gap between the Management of the society and the members of the Society, has introduced a 24-hour customer call centre for prompt response to complaints.

The Cooperative Society under the watch of Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Bello Makwashi, has operated an open policy in line with the mandate of the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, psc(+), NPM, NEAPS, FDC, CFR, and has broken possible bureaucratic processes by providing his personal contact details to Co-operators for direct access and assistance.

It is pertinent to react to certain publications making the rounds, wherein some faceless and unnamed individuals have made certain spurious allegations against the Management of the Nigeria Police Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. To set the records straight, it is mischievous for any individual, group, or media to say that members of the Society have not been able to access their voluntary contributions for over 6 months as the Society has placed priority on withdrawals and closure of accounts.

Similarly, on the allegation that the Management is using the Co-operators money to build houses, it is vital to emphasize that building affordable houses for Officers and Men of the Force is one of the welfare mandates of the Society to alleviate the housing challenges of Officers and Men during service and in retirement.

The Force hereby reiterates its commitment and readiness to continually project the required paradigm shift being emplaced by the management of the Police Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Ltd.





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