Nigerian Media Monitoring Agency Set To Host Her 20th Edition Of EvaluatePR

Nigeria’s foremost Media Intelligence agency, P+ Measurement Services is set to host its quarterly edition of EvaluatePR, as it welcomes all Communications and PR professionals around the globe to the 20th edition of the event.

Evaluate PR is an enlightening, interactive and informative event, featuring Communications, Public Relations, and Media Monitoring professionals who will be sharing their experiences, advice, insights, and quotes on Media Monitoring Measurement and Evaluation in a Question and Answer session.

This edition will feature Abimbola Shukrah Bello, Marketing & Communications, Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication ProgramFrancois Van Dyk, Head of Operations, Ornico Group, and Damilola Sobajo PR/Marketing Consultant, who together will provide their wealth of knowledge and experiences, insights and answers to the theme of the event.

The 20th Edition is scheduled to take place on Friday, 24th June 2022, with the theme “Dissecting the relevance of Measurement and Evaluation in Reputation Management“. Between the hours of 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (West African Time).

To be a part of the conversation, kindly join using the Google Meet link:


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